HR in motion
Attracting, retaining and managing top quality human capital is one of the biggest challenges of the information economy. This challenge is often times even more difficult for small and medium sized companies who lack the same internal resources as the big multinationals. Humanagram from LMHR was conceived to reduce this imbalance by empowering these companies with the high quality, professional HR tools and resources they need to compete for top talent.
Humanagram offers a range of targeted products designed to answer the mission critical HR needs of modern businesses:

eHR Implementation
By capitalizing on the revolution in the availability of powerful Human Resources ASP's, LMHR brings to small and medium sized clients all the people management power of big companies, with none of the complications. LMHR customizes and implements effective, easy to use third-party HR management systems that allow clients to have all the impact of a big company HR function without the high costs.

Compensation Benchmarking
LMHR simplifies the art and science of compensation for small to medium sized companies. Most line managers don't have access to ever changing compensation data geared to their industry, market and geography. But to stay competitive, you need to compensate your employees in accordance with market standards. LMHR helps you take the guesswork out of your compensation decisions by benchmarking your company's positions against objective criteria, giving you the current data you need to manage your employees.

Employee Handbooks
Clear and frequent internal communication helps to avoid many HR management problems, and provides employees with the company-specific information they need to succeed. Setting clear expectations, communicating company values and policies and providing problem resolution guidance are only a few of the important goals that are achieved through implementation of LMHR 's customized Employee Hand books!

Work Permit Processing
Applying for and renewing work permits is fact of life in our highly international business environment. LMHR takes the headache out of processing and following up work permits for your international employees by using our expertise and relationships to thoroughly manage the process for you.

Your success is our business
LMHR is an integrated concept in human resources and recruiting services. By breaking down the essential HR needs of a diverse range of companies into targeted individual offerings, LMHR allows clients the flexibility to choose the services they need, the confidence of having experienced professionals they can trust and the value of high quality HR services at very competitive fixed prices.
At LMHR we measure our own success through the many and varied successes of our clients. Contact us to find out what we can offer your company now and for the future.

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